5 Best Fabric For Pillow Cases

Best Fabric For Pillow Cases

After a long day, best fabric for pillow cases there’s nothing like sliding into bed. Your pillowcase can make the difference between a restful night’s sleep and a restless night’s sleep, and you need the best pillow for flat head . Because the pillowcase will come into contact with your face, it should be made of a soft material.

We spend approximately 1/3 of our life in contact with our pillowcases, and it’s clear that the fabric we choose is crucial. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong pillowcase for acne-prone skin can actually result in more outbreaks and wrinkles. Continue reading to learn about the various types of fabrics used in bed linens, which textiles can improve your skin, why pillowcase fabric matters, and which pillowcase we believe is the best for skin and hair.

The majority of materials come in a variety of colors. Consider making a little test pillow to check how it feels before deciding on a fabric. The pricing and feel of the material will most likely be the deciding factors.

Here you will get to know about the best bamboo pillows available in the market right now and all related information about pillowcases.

Types of fabric for pillowcases


Cotton, flannel, and linen are examples of natural materials that are soft and absorbent. Cotton can absorb and hold up to 27 times its own weight in water. Cotton is largely made up of cellulose, which is a hydrophilic (water-loving) carbohydrate.

  • Cotton: Cotton is the most common fabric for pillowcases. It’s comfortable to sleep on, comes in various thread counts, and is simple to clean. However, cotton pillowcases have certain drawbacks, despite being the most commonly used material for pillowcases. The material bunches up easily and leaves non-permanent crease marks on your face, for example.
  • Linen: Linen is a high-quality, naturally flax-based product that is no longer mass-produced. Linen has a distinct feel and is lightweight and breathable, making it an excellent choice for summer bedding.
  • Flannel: Flannel is a rustic-looking cotton fabric that is soft and loosely knit. Even in the cold, flannel is absorbent and warm to the touch.

While extremely absorbent textiles are useful for bath towels, they aren’t the best choice for bedding. As we sleep, our bodies naturally lose moisture and oils, which are absorbed into our pillowcases. As a result of the friction, our skin adheres to the fabric, causing creases and, over time, more lines and wrinkles. Acne can also be caused or worsened by sweat and oil buildup in the fabric.

Satin and Silk

The silkworm produces silk, which is a natural protein fiber. It’s a light, slippery fabric that’s not necessarily pleasing aesthetically, and it’s also a high-maintenance cloth.

  • Silk: Silk is a natural fabric with similar beauty benefits as satin but is more fragile and requires hand washing. In addition, unlike other pillowcase materials, silk is sold per weight, which can be costly depending on the type of silk.
  • Satin: Satin, which is smooth and sensual, has long been considered the finest pillowcase material. Satin’s smooth and lustrous surface is gentle on your skin and rarely bunches up in the morning to leave crease marks on your face. Satin is even thought to help prevent facial wrinkles by some. Another advantage of satin is that your hair does not tangle as much at night as it does when using other materials for your pillowcase. This is because your hair slides across the satin rather than being held by it.

Satin textiles are sometimes misunderstood to be made of silk. On the contrary, satin is a weave in which the warp threads are only caught and looped by the weft fibers at specific intervals. While certain satin weaves are made of silk, satin is most often made of nylon or polyester.


Synthetic materials, such as nylon and polyester (also known as microfiber) absorb significantly less water than natural fabrics. As a result, these textiles tend to wick moisture and can even over the wick, resulting in dry hair and skin.

  • Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic material that is widely used in bed linens. It doesn’t have the same feel as natural fibers, but it does last a long time. Unfortunately, polyester isn’t very absorbent. Thus it’s frequently blended with cotton to make it more so.
  • Nylon: Nylon is a common synthetic pillowcase fabric that looks like silk. The material is easy to wash and dry, but it isn’t absorbent and can cause your face to sweat.

Best fabric for pillow cases available on Amazon

Royal’s Solid White 600-Thread-Count 2pc / Pair


The Royal’s solid white 600-thread queen size is the best pillowcases for you if you’re looking for a luxury hotel bedroom pillowcase. Because of the long-staple combed cotton, these pillow coverings have a high thread count, giving them the luxurious sensation of a hotel room. They can expect things that are luxurious and comfortable.

These are constructed of 100% cotton fiber, which lasts a long time and provides comfort, value, and durability. The 600 thread count is slow to wear but becomes extremely soft over time. As a result, most users have a sleeping experience similar to that of a hotel room.

The pillowcases are available in conventional sizes with a 4-inch thick hemline. The pillowcases’ robust hemline ensures that they can withstand several washing and tumble drying sessions.

The Royal’s 600-thread-count pillowcases have received positive feedback from customers because of the deep and thick hemline, which assures longevity. In addition, the standard white pillowcases from The Royal are quite reasonably priced for their high quality. You can also easily wash them in a washing machine with cold water.

You won’t have to spend any additional time or money on maintenance. It’s ideal for college students who don’t have the time or money to spend on dry cleaning and ironing after washing their clothes.

  • 600-thread count
  • Easy wash adn dry
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Not for therapeutic pillows
  • Expensive


Mellanni White Pillow Cases


With an 1800 thread count, the Mellanni Luxury pillowcase set will make you feel like you’re resting on a bed. This pillowcase set is comprised of high-quality microfiber fabric that lives up to its name. Not only is it wrinkle-free and fade-resistant, but it’s also hypoallergenic and light.

It’s the most comfortable pillow cover set on the market, with a higher thread count of 1800. These are luxurious and silky soft pillow cover sets that create a regal and sumptuous atmosphere.

The pillow cover with a higher thread count is a terrific choice. These are regarded to be some of the highest-quality and most expensive products available. However, this is a reasonable price, and they make excellent gifts for family and friends. No matter how much time one has, one’s maintenance and cleaning visits, as well as laundry instructions, must be completed. Mellanni Luxury pillowcases are not only fade and stain resistant, but they are also wrinkle-free after being laundered in the washing machine.

According to the maker, it merely has to be washed in cold water and tumble dried on low. In addition, these covers are hypoallergenic, which means they won’t attract dust mites or mold.

The high-quality 1800 thread count cloth is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting, and it is tightly woven and washed numerous times. Don’t concern about the hems coming undone because they’re securely stitched in place. In addition, this pillowcase is made of high-quality double-brushed microfiber, which is lightweight yet extremely durable.

  • 1800-thread count
  • Hypoallergenic and natural
  • Standard size and wrinkle free
  • Fade resistant
  • Thin


HC COLLECTION 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality 2pc Set of Pillow Cases


You should absolutely invest in the best pillow for migraines if you want to have a good night’s sleep. With the HC collection 1500 thread count Egyptian 2pc pillowcases, you get the complete package: comfort, softness, ease of care, and suitability for every occasion.

It’s made of a very durable microfiber fabric that feels like Egyptian cotton with a 1500 thread count and fits perfectly on your cushion.

The pillow material allows moisture to evaporate quickly, allowing dust and dust mites to thrive. It’s a fantastic mix of your favorite cushions.

Always look for thread counts of 200 or higher when purchasing linens and pillows. Why? Because the higher the thread count, the softer the cloth.

The microfiber material used in the HC collection 1500 thread count Egyptian grade 2pc set pillowcases is double brushed on both sides. It’s light and breezy. You don’t have to bother about cleaning, ironing, or bleaching the HC collection pillowcases if you’re a working parent or living in the dorms.

The pillowcases simply need to be washed in a cold machine and are wrinkle-free, ensuring that they always look prim and flawless. In addition, the HC Collection 1500 thread Egyptian quality 2pc pillowcase set is a suitable fit for all pillow sizes and can adequately envelop around the pillow insert and keep it in place throughout the night.

  • Soft and durable
  • Machine washable
  • Wrinkle free dry cleaning
  • Thin material


Sweet Sheets Standard Pillowcase Set Black


You can have a nice night’s sleep if you have this best fabric for pillowcase. If you want a silky smooth, comfy, and peaceful night’s sleep, you must have the harmony sweet pillowcase set. It’s hypoallergenic, soft, durable, smooth, and wrinkle-free. If you’re already dealing with an allergy, the harmony linens pillowcase set will save you time and ensure that you get a decent night’s sleep.

Because the pillowcase material does not hold moisture, it is incredibly breathable, which means no dust mites or mold. In addition, the luxury harmony pillowcase set is constructed of 100 percent polyester fabric, which is both attractive and durable.

Because these pillowcases are built to last, the harmony sweet bedding set manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty to all consumers. In addition, harmony linens pillowcases are silky smooth, strong, and durable. These pillowcases are made of 1800 double-brushed microfiber, which is extremely thin and pleasant.

The ideal material is double-brushed microfiber, which can keep dyes well and come in various colors. In addition, these are easy to maintain, and having easy-to-maintain laundry is a huge comfort. This fabric is made of polyester and may be machine cleaned in cold water. This is a wonderful point for students and working individuals who are always on the go and don’t have time to wash their clothes.

  • Easy machine wash
  • Hypoallergenic, sily and durable
  • Soft adn smooth for long time
  • Thin and not breathable


Pizuna 400 Thread Count Cotton Standard Pillowcases


The pizuna 400 thread count pillow covers are made entirely of cotton fiber. They have a tight enough weave to create a smoother, more luxurious feel while being open enough to allow for optimum airflow. In addition, the long-staple cotton fabric ensures that there are fewer loose fibers and that pilling is reduced.

400 thread count Pizuna Cotton pillowcases are bag-type pillowcases with a 4-inch hem and a satin weave for pillow protection in both styles. They come in many choices of hues and can help you decorate your bedroom. This cotton is great for breathability and skin protection. They are easy to clean and provide a soothing and cooling sensation. These provide you with fresh, breathable, and naturally cool 1005 long-staple cotton bed linen.

The pizuna linens bedding set is luxurious and will keep you in a good mood all day. This pillow has the smooth, silky, and sumptuous feel of a high-end pillow and adds comfort to the pizuna linens sheet set. They’re exceptionally soft, long-lasting, and simple to maintain and wash, resulting in a clean, hygienic, and comfortable experience. We use a unique cotton fiber that is naturally breathable and wicks sweat away from the skin, allowing you to stay cool all night.

We acquire the desired density and softness by using this cloth, and it provides adequate space and a balanced temperature for our skin to stay comfortable all night. The weave pizuna linens pillowcase is intended for you if you’re seeking a fantastic, fairly priced, and soft pillowcase.

  • Beautiful, soft and breathable
  • Great quality
  • 400-thread count
  • Wrinkles after washing
  • Odd size


How to choose the best fabric for your pillowcase?

Before making a purchase, ask yourself these questions:

Do you suffer from any allergies?

If you have allergies, you’ll want a fabric that breathes well because allergens don’t like to live in or in a dry environment. They like wet, enclosed areas instead. For air to circulate easily through the pillow, some textiles breathe better than others.

Are you a hot sleeper?

Material that promotes air movement is also necessary for hot sleepers. Sleeping in materials that retain heat sinks might make you feel stuffy and uncomfortable.

Do you suffer from sensitive skin or other skin problems?

Any material you sleep on night after night can accumulate oils and dead skin cells, which is why a washable material is crucial to consider to keep your face free of additional pore-clogging buildup.

Do you have a problem with your hair?

Friction from your pillowcases causes curly or coarse hair to tangle quickly during the night. Smooth fabrics are ideal for your hair since they allow it to slip over the case without becoming knotted.

Instead of perusing everything available to you, you concentrate on what is relevant to you. So, here’s a quick guide to picking the best pillow for snoring for you based on your needs.

  Sizes of Pillowcases

Pillowcases are available in a range of sizes. The largest is intended for use as body pillows. Then there are the pillowcases for king-size beds. The mega-giant pillows that decorate King size beds are best suited for King size pillowcases. Queen size pillowcases, normal size pillowcases, square pillowcases, and so on are all available. Check the size of your pillow before selecting the appropriate pillowcase.

Count of Threads

A thread count will almost always be mentioned on any pillowcase you check. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of cloth. Thread count is a measurement of the number of threads in both length and width. So, whether you see a pillowcase, a goose down duvet cover, or any other fabric with a thread count of 600, it implies the fabric is made up of 300 threads lengthwise and 300 threads widthwise.

A cloth with a thread count of 400 or higher is incredibly soft and feels wonderful against the skin. Experts say that once you pass the 400 marks, there isn’t much physical difference between materials. That means a fabric with a thread count of 500 will be very similar to one with a thread count of 600. As a result, you should go for a pillowcase with a thread count of at least 400. Beyond that, more does not always imply superiority.

There’s one additional item to keep in mind while buying a pillowcase. Fabrics with a high thread count are difficult to keep clean. They get harsh if they are not properly cleaned and maintained. In other words, they will lose the softness for which you originally purchased them.


Consider features such as waterproofing, cooling materials, mite, and bug protection, and wear prevention. Hypoallergenic pillowcases are also available for persons who are allergic to specific textiles, dust mites, or chemicals.


Pillow covers made of thick or layered materials can provide comfort and softness to your pillow’s surface.

Final Words

Of course, the choice of the best fabric for a pillowcase is mainly dependent on your own needs and tastes, but as you can see from the list above, cotton and cotton mixes are among the most rated. Cotton’s natural fibers are long-lasting and robust, and they allow for excellent airflow for a more relaxed night’s sleep.

Cotton is also incredibly washable, which is a trait you want in an intimate product to help keep your skin clean and cared for throughout the night. If you have a favorite from the list above, tell us why it’s your favorite in the comments section!

Pillowcases: How to Make Them

Pillowcases are items that can enhance the aesthetics and customization of your space. However, finding a design or appropriate measurements in stores can be challenging.

The good news is that they’re quite simple to make, so if you’re in this predicament, we’ll show you how to make pillowcases in both a basic and decorative design today. The most significant stage in making a basic design pillow is, without question, selecting the fabric. It will contain all of the case’s charm, whether through touch, comfort, or, of course, color.

When it comes to the latter, it’s preferable to match the room’s hues as well as the bedding. We don’t want a cushion that clashes with the rest of the room. You’ll also want to make sure it’s a simple-to-clean fabric, at least if you’re going to sleep with it.

  • We’ll need roughly two meters of fabric to make the pillowcase. After we’ve obtained it, the first step is to cut it to the desired length. The size of our bed primarily determines it, but for a pillowcase, a piece of 115 by 90 centimeters is sufficient.
  • Cut a piece of fabric to the appropriate size. Make sure to respect the texture and pattern of the cloth when cutting it, if it has one.
  • The second step is to fold the fabric lengthwise in half so that the unfinished back is facing outside. Again, we’ll cut the longest side first, followed by one of the shorts.
  • We can sew it by hand or with a sewing machine, but remember to choose a subtle thread so that it does not show on the fabric.
  • One of the sides will be left open, and we’ll have to hem it. Then, starting with a one-and-a-half-inch fold, iron it, and, well, leave the mark.
  • After that, we iron a second fold, this time of eight centimeters. Now it’s time to sew the hem’s base, either by hand or by machine.
  • Decorative components can be added to your pillowcase if you wish to add more details. To draw attention to it, use ties, borders, or little fabric embellishments.

Pillowcases: How to Decorate Them

A pillowcase will enhance your function, but we need better cushions. So, to begin, we must select the cloth for the pillows. Then, because it’s a decorative cushion, take advantage of the possibility to build your own design using various patterns. For example, you can choose one fabric for the cover’s main portion, another for the apertures’ curb, and a third for decorative components.

  • If this is the last concept you have for a pillow, the greatest thing to remember is that your fabrics should be solid colors that go well together or prints that aren’t too busy.
  • We’ll carefully roll the opposite end of the main cloth until it’s within an inch of our needles.
  • We’ll fold the medium cloth over that “roll” without letting go until we reach the edge. We’ll now keep everything together with more needles.
  • It’s time to sew the edge that we’ve created. The crucial thing is that the seam by a centimeter and a half from the fabric’s edge can be done by machine or by hand.
  • You must also ensure that all layers of fabric are sewn together and that the seam is as straight as possible.
  • We undo the roll of fabric with extreme caution. The aim is to turn it around so that the inner, larger fabric shows.
  • We gently stretch and iron the sheath, ensuring that all of the parts are smooth and free of needles. Then, finally, we can start to appreciate the finish of our design if we’ve done well thus far.
  • Now we just need to finish decorating our fabric and assembling the case. We’ll achieve this by folding the cloth inwards, with the back facing out, and sewing one of the length and breadth edges.
  • The edge with the wonderfully embellished hem we’ve crafted should be left exposed. All we have to do now is the return to the case and iron it one last time, and we’re done!

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