10 Best Pillow for tailbone pain 2021

Pillow for tailbone pain

Working in a comfortable sitting position can help you make quick money, but your body can only take so much. You had to sit for long periods, which can put your tailbone, lower back, and overall body at risk. Worse, when you get home, change into your pajamas, and try to relax in your recliner; the pain doesn’t go away.

You can either continue to suffer or put an end to it by investing in coccyx seat cushions for tailbone pain relief. As you sit on or place them behind your back, these coccyx pillows will relieve your pain.

What to look before buying pillow for tailbone pain


The functions of various seat cushion shapes vary. The following are some of the most popular butt cushion designs. Donut pillows are made to look like donuts. They’re round and have a hole in the center. They’re great for hemorrhoids, prostate surgery, and postpartum issues, among other things.

Cushions for the coccyx or tailbone are typically squarish in shape with a cutout in the back. They relieve pressure on your tailbone, which is beneficial for people who have to sit for long periods. They are, however, ideal for anyone who suffers from coccyx (tailbone) pain.

Bone relief cushions represent the infinity sign or a sideways number 8. The cutouts are for your hip bones and can help ease discomfort from long stretches of sitting. A divot for the tailbone is normally included as well. It’s crucial to double-check the dimensions of this pillow because it’ll be awkward if the hip bones don’t fit properly.


Butt cushions are made from several fabrics, which has an impact on how the pillow feels. The following are some of the essential materials: Memory foam has the ideal balance between firmness and squishiness.  In addition, some people, particularly those who are a little heavier, find memory foam to be too squishy.

Memory foam is more expensive than high-density foam. Although some people find it too firm, it can provide excellent support. Due to memory foam’s well-known ability to retain heat, cooling gel is sometimes used in conjunction with it. Some people, however, find that once the cooling gel is covered, the potential cooling effect is lost.


Butt cushions are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate various bum sizes. Some pillows are too thin for people with large hips to be comfortable, and others are too wide for people with narrow hips to be supported. When looking for ass pillows, keep the measurements in mind.


If you’re going to be sitting on something daily, you’ll want to wash it now and then. Most butt pillows have reversible covers that make cleaning them a breeze. If your butt pillow doesn’t have a reversible cover, you will need to uninstall it entirely if it gets dirty.

Butt cushion covers are available in a variety of fabrics, including lightweight velour and breathable mesh. However, if you prefer shorts to trousers, the feel of the surface might be more significant. Also, when you sit on mesh for long periods, it will irritate your scalp.

The following is a list of the best pillows for tailbone pain:

Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion for Lower Back

With the Aylio Seat Cushion, you can say goodbye to lower back pain. The “coccyx cushion” has incredible core features that will provide you with all-day warmth and support. Oh my goodness! Sitting for long periods would no longer be a problem. The U-shaped cut-out on this Aylio coccyx cushion eliminates both soreness and pain.

You’ll sound as though your buttocks have fallen on a giant marshmallow as you position it under your hips. It makes no difference if you’ve added a few pounds. This cushion is ergonomically created, so thank you. Your weight is uniformly spread on it.

So you’re getting back problems, and your mates refer to you as a hunchback? You don’t need doctors because you have the Aylio orthopedic seat cushion. In any case, the doctor will recommend these tailbone cushions. This memory foam seat cushion will gradually correct your spine when you use it on your seat.

Do you stay at a desk for long periods? On the office chair cushion, place the best donut seat cushion. It reduces the strain on your tailbone, allowing you to feel relief from debilitating sciatica back pain.

You won’t have to think about your velour-covered support cushions being dusty. Since the cover of the donut pillows is machine washable, you should toss it in there. Allow to air dry after washing, and your memory foam coccyx cushions would be fresh.

  • Both soreness and pain are relieved by the Aylio coccyx seat cushion. Its U-shape is appreciated.
  • Its minimalistic design adapts to the shape of your body and uniformly distributes your weight.
  • It eventually straightens your spine while you hold it under your back.
  • It magically reduces the weight on the tailbone and prevents back pain.
  • None


ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion

Are you fed up with your tailbone pain? With ComfiLife Premium luxury seat pillow – a non-slip orthopedic memory foam seat cushion – it’s time to say goodbye. It has a premium appearance with all of the seat cushion features intended to ease discomfort and offer warmth, as the name suggests.

It has been ergonomically built to provide protection and relaxation while reducing strain. So, with this U-shaped cut-out, let’s get back to a good posture. If you have a tailbone problem, these seat cushions for office chairs will help.

ComfiLife coccyx pillow will suppress all of your aches and pains and provide you with the comfort you need. It’s time to stop walking and sitting on the couch in a hunchback posture; it’s time to straighten out the spine, and this seat cushion tailbone relaxation will help. It supports the spectrum and aids in gentle straightening until it is permanently straight.

Are you in control of your vehicle? Start the trip by placing the car seat pad for tailbone discomfort under your hip or back. Don’t worry; pulling the brakes won’t cause your hips to slide. The non-slip rubber bottom protects your back.

However, if your pillow becomes dusty, don’t be concerned. You can wash the cushion in a laundry machine. The company shop support has a return policy; if you aren’t happy, they will refund your money.

  • The ergonomic U-shaped style allows you to get the most out of your convenience.
  • You should position it on your luxury chair and work efficiently for hours while sitting in it.
  • It protects and cares for your range when you use it under your back.
  • The non-slip rubber bottom makes it easier to sit when driving.
  • None


Ziraki Coccyx Seat Cushion Orthopedic, Luxury Chair Pillow

Let’s say you want to find the right orthopedic seat cushion for sciatica. In that case, this Ziraki coccyx seat cushion will be of interest. It would help if you suppressed your tailbone pain as it churns out everything.

How many times do you have to yell “ouch” while watching a lovely film of popcorn? When you sit for long periods, your back continues to hurt. So, you can finally bid farewell to all those agonizing days. This best tailbone pad will assist you in correcting your spine alignment and improving your stance. It has a U-shaped cut that straightens and corrects the posture.

Back issues, buttocks discomfort, and sciatica during pregnancy are also common, and this pillow will make you forget about those days you’ve been dreading for a long time. If you have some squeaky chairs in your house? They don’t change their form to suit yours.

Allow the Ziraki seat cushion to handle it. Keep the coccyx donut cushion in your chair and lie on it. It makes no difference if you’re overweight. The tailbone pain reliever pillow will conform to your shape while evenly distributing your weight.

You want longevity of everything, not just the pillow. This lumbar support pad, on the other hand, can withstand any violence. When the donut cushion for tailbone pain is dirty, you should throw it in the washing machine. Likewise, the coccyx pillow is awash in the washing machine.

  • The tailbone seat pad corrects the seated stance and spine balance—the U-shape aids in this endeavor.
  • It relieves buttocks discomfort, maternity pain, and other types of pain in addition to tailbone pressure relief.
  • Place the donut pillows between the seat’s surface and your hips to make it much cozier.
  • The tailbone pain pillows are long-lasting and resistant to all forms of oppression. It’s all machine-washable.
  • None at all


TravelMate Gel-Enhanced Memory Foam Seat Cushion

With their eyes closed, most medical experts would prescribe a Travelmate coccyx pad. You may be wondering why it’s regarded as one of the strongest coccyx cushions. There’s a legitimate explanation for it, after all.

If you’re looking for convenience or longevity, the Travelmate cooling gel seat cushion has you covered. The lumbar support pillow with gel and memory foam is made of high-quality cloth that will last for years. In addition, you’ll get a warm marshmallow-like feeling when your hips settle on it, which will relax you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had a tailbone fracture or been suffering from back problems for years. This best pad for tailbone pain would instantly relieve the pain. If your mates still refer to you as a hunchback, these cooling gel donut cushions will relieve pressure on your spine.

In addition, Travelmate’s gel-enhanced seat cushion, with a gel coating on top, will help to straighten the back, and it’s PERMANENT! You can leave those days when you were swamped by office work, and your back couldn’t bear it any longer.

Instead, place it between the chair and your back and relax while looking for an alternate chair cushion for your usual office chair, particularly if you suffer from back pain. Working for long periods is nothing more than a stroll through the forest.

No, these aren’t the usual coccyx seats with a slick shell. I mean, I understand how annoying it is, particularly when you’re stuck in your car seats. With its non-slip silicon-coated pillow layer, this coccyx pain relief cushion remains put where you put it. There will be no more slipping when you apply the brakes.

  • The coccyx help pillow’s foam gel base is long-lasting and robust.
  • It’s the perfect seat cushion for hip discomfort because it gives you a marshmallow-like feeling as soon as your hips rest on it.
  • The coccyx gel cushion for hip pain straightens your back and eliminates your tailbone.
  • If it’s your office chair or your car seat, you should use these chair cushions for tailbone discomfort to evenly spread your weight.
  • None
  • The coccyx help pillow’s foam gel base is long-lasting and robust.
  • It’s the perfect seat cushion for hip discomfort because it gives you a marshmallow-like feeling as soon as your hips rest on it.
  • The coccyx gel cushion for hip pain straightens your back and eliminates your tailbone.
  • If it’s your office chair or your car seat, you should use these chair cushions for tailbone discomfort to evenly spread your weight.
  • None


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Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion

You’re looking for the best tailbone pillow on the market. Our last suggestion, the Everlasting seat cushion tailbone relaxation, brings us to a close. You may depend on our orthopedic specialist, but this one will suffice.

Why is this tailbone support pillow so popular? It’s made of high-quality memory foam with a gel rubber rim, and no additives were used in the manufacturing process. As a result, it is perfect for your hips to have fallen on a massive mound of butter as you rest on it.

Obesity is not an issue. This cushion reacts to the weight and adjusts its shape accordingly. For example, let’s say you’ve been suffering from lower back pain, tailbone pain, and so on. In that case, this best coccyx pain seat cushion is ideal for relieving the discomfort.

Any orthopedic specialist on the planet will tell you that. They will tell you that the Everlasting Comfort 100% pure memory foam with premium seat cushion is the perfect cure for your discomfort, whether acute or chronic. Furthermore, your back does not have the opportunity to rest when you sit in your office for long periods. So keep this comfort pad in your desk chair, and it will keep your back straight.

Don’t worry; when you apply the brakes, you won’t be slipping. The Everlasting cushion seat has a non-slip feature that keeps it in place.

  • It’s made of high-quality 100 percent memory foam, making it long-lasting and convenient.
  • The tailbone cushion conforms to your body structure and uniformly distributes your weight.
  • You won’t spill because of the non-slip lining.
  • As long as you hold it behind your back, it forever straightens your spine.
  • None


BulbHead Egg Sitter Seat Cushion

The best way to describe this coccyx pillow is “special.”

And, according to the maker, this pillow protects your backside so well that you might sit on an egg without cracking it. As a result, it’s known as the “Egg Sitter.”

The Egg Sitter measures 15.5 x 14 x 1.5 inches, making it somewhat more significant than other cushions. However, only a little. It will also suit most seats, so don’t worry. The pillow is made of an ultra-flexible polymer that can hold its form for extended periods.

The Egg Sitter’s flex-grip honeycomb style is one of its most remarkable features (you can see it on the image above). This arrangement encourages air to flow within the pillow, ensuring that it remains cold to the touch. Soft, reusable, and machine-washable shell. Anything you might ever like in a cover. It has a non-slip base that is slipping beneath the feet.

  • The material is an ultra-flexible polymer.
  • Honeycomb grid architecture is solid and long-lasting (so it stays cool to the touch)
  • The cover is machine washable.
  • Bottom is non-slip
  • None


ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

The ComfiLife Gel-Enhanced features are hard to top, much like any other ComfiLife product.  The ComfiLife Gel-Enhanced Coccyx Seat Cushion is constructed of 100% high-density memory foam with a gel coating on top.

The ergonomic contour style of the ComfiLife, with its cut-out back, helps relieve strain on the tailbone and encourages good posture. In addition, the cover has it all: a built-in handle for fast carrying, a non-slip rubber bottom, and a machine-washable zippered velour cover.

Finally, the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It means that if you’re not happy, you’ll get your money back.

  • On top of the memory foam, there is a sheet of gel.
  • Project with ergonomics in mind
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Zippered velour cover that is machine washable
  • The rubber bottom is non-slip.
  • For fast travel, there’s a built-in handle.
  • Guaranteed money back
  • None


CYLEN Home-Memory Foam Bamboo Charcoal Infused Ventilated Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Every item on this list has a purpose, and this entry is no exception. The Cylen Memory Foam Bamboo Charcoal-Infused, as its name suggests, is made up of an unusual mix of materials. Memory foam and bamboo charcoal infusion are the main components.

It will keep your seat comfortable and humidified. Heat and moisture are no longer a problem. Smells are also diffused from the infused charcoal (like body odor).

The U-shape of this pillow uniformly distributes your weight over its back. The cover is breathable (to go with the overall look), reusable, machine washable, and has a non-slip rim. It has a 5-year warranty, and a 60-day no-hassle return policy is included with the Cylen Memory Foam Bamboo Charcoal Infused pillow.

  • Bamboo charcoal flavored U-shaped memory foam
  • It keeps you calm while still assisting with the dispersal of body odor.
  • The cover is made of breathable air mesh and has a non-slip rim.
  • The cover is removable and machine washable.
  • Warranty period: 5 years
  • None


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DMI Donut Pillow and Seat Cushion for Pain Relief

The only O-shaped item on the list is the DMI Donut Seat Cushion. First, let’s look at what makes it unique: The dimensions are 3 x 13 x 16 inches. It is 7 ounces in weight (relatively light). Hemorrhoids, prostate, breastfeeding, and postnatal pain relief will benefit from the pillows, also known as “donut cushions.”

The below are the materials: High-density foam is used to make the DMI Donut cushion. The foam will maintain its shape and easily conform to the contours of your body.

  • Fabric hides the middle hole in an O-shape.
  • High-density foam is used to create this product.
  • Conforms to the contours of the body
  • The cover is made of machine-washable polyester cotton.
  • None


FORTEM Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support

 This hybrid seat cushion and lumbar back support are intended to make sitting for long periods more relaxing, whether you’ve been trying to work from home or need anything to make long road rides more bearable.

  • Most people would find the cushion to be relaxing.
  • Covers are removable and machine washable.
  • The majority of people find the included lumbar help to be relaxing.
  • For some people, the seat cushion is too firm.
  • Any people’s leg circulation is cut short.
  • For others, it squishes so quickly.



While lower back cushions won’t cure your lower back pain, they may help relieve some of the symptoms—especially if you’re confident your office chair or sofa is to blame. Ensure the padding is as flexible as possible and that you’ve spent as much time as possible customizing it to your particular seating condition and body.

Though there are many cushions on the market, the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion (view on Amazon) is an excellent place to start for those suffering from general lower back pain.

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